Ariel’s New Music Show “King Triton’s Concert”

Following the end of the show “Under The Sea”, which has attracted so many people for 12 and half years since the opening of Tokyo DisneySea, the Mermaid Lagoon Theater is being renovated! April 24, 2015, is decided to be the re-opening date.

The new show is 14min musical also played by Ariel & other characters from Little Mermaid. Featuring the concert by King Triton with popular characters such as Flounder and Sebastian, the beautiful ocean floor world is presented just like in the movie with songs, music, and dynamic performances. Renewed stage effects and screen will show you the world of sea floor.


For those who missed the show “Under The Sea”

“Under The Sea” was the musical in which Ariel and her friends played the beautiful ocean world. It had been played since the grand opening on September 14th, 2001, for 13 years.