Tokyo Disneyland Hours & Weather Oct.2015


Congestion forecast of October, when heat is softened and the Park is cheered with “Disney’s Halloween,” the popular event. October is the third most congested month, following to March and August. In addition, there are many admission limits both in The Disneyland and Disney Sea. If you do not have date specified tickets, it is recommended to immediately change the tickets or purchase.
This website predicts the latency of popular attractions of Tokyo Disneyland & Tokyo DisneySea.

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Tokyo Disneyland Attraction Wait Times Oct.2015

The predicted average wait time was based on 4 of Disneyland’s most popular attractions.

  • Space Mountain
  • Big Thunder Mountain
  • Splash Mountain
  • Pooh’s Hunny Hunt
  • Monsters, Inc. Ride & Go Seek!
DayDatePark operating hoursWait Times
ThuOct 18:30-22:0084 min
FriOct 29:00-22:0074 min
SatOct 38:00-22:0097 min
SunOct 48:00-22:0078 min
MonOct 58:00-22:0069 min
TueOct 69:00-22:0058 min
WedOct 79:00-22:0058 min
ThuOct 89:00-22:0069 min
FriOct 99:00-22:0064 min
SatOct 108:00-22:00127 min
SunOct 118:00-22:00135 min
MonOct 128:00-22:0096 min
TueOct 138:00-22:0097 min
WedOct 148:30-22:0069 min
ThuOct 158:30-22:0073 min
FriOct 168:30-22:0083 min
SatOct 178:00-22:00113 min
SunOct 188:00-22:00104 min
MonOct 198:00-22:0086 min
TueOct 208:00-22:0086 min
WedOct 218:00-22:0064 min
ThuOct 228:00-22:0061 min
FriOct 238:00-22:0078 min
SatOct 248:00-22:00100 min
SunOct 258:00-22:00106 min
MonOct 268:00-22:00102 min
TueOct 278:00-22:0068 min
WedOct 288:00-22:0065 min
ThuOct 298:00-22:0063 min
FriOct 308:00-22:0074 min
SatOct 318:00-22:00116 min

Special version of the Haunted Mansion “Holiday Nightmare”

10-2-minphoto credit: andy castro via photopin cc

The Haunted Mansion will be changed to “The Nightmare Before Christmas” version for a limited time; September 5, 2015 – January 4, 2016.


Tokyo DisneySea Attraction Wait Times Oct.2015

The predicted average wait time was DisneySea’s most popular attractions.

  • Tower of Terror
  • Indiana Jones Adventure: Temple of the Crystal Skull
  • Journey to the Center of the Earth
  • Raging Spirits
DayDatePark operating hoursWait TimesToy Story Mania!
ThuOct 18:00-22:0080 min110 min
FriOct 28:00-22:0060 min93 min
SatOct 38:00-22:00123 min168 min
SunOct 48:00-22:0099 min144 min
MonOct 58:00-22:0070 min121 min
TueOct 68:00-22:0065 min103 min
WedOct 78:00-22:0059 min100 min
ThuOct 88:00-22:0063 min105 min
FriOct 98:00-22:0067 min124 min
SatOct 108:00-22:00170 min199 min
SunOct 118:00-22:00180 min203 min
MonOct 128:00-22:00127 min183 min
TueOct 138:00-22:00104 min124 min
WedOct 149:00-22:0076 min128 min
ThuOct 159:00-22:0094 min134 min
FriOct 168:00-18:3059 min116 min
SatOct 178:00-22:00147 min192 min
SunOct 188:00-22:00140 min183 min
MonOct 198:00-22:0096 min138 min
TueOct 208:00-22:0073 min146 min
WedOct 219:00-22:0073 min161 min
ThuOct 229:00-22:0075 min119 min
FriOct 238:00-22:0090 min121 min
SatOct 248:00-22:00152 min185 min
SunOct 258:00-22:00158 min191 min
MonOct 268:00-22:00163 min167 min
TueOct 278:00-22:0085 min116 min
WedOct 288:00-22:0084 min119 min
ThuOct 298:00-22:0057 min90 min
FriOct 308:00-22:0085 min168 min
SatOct 318:00-22:00108 min192 min
The hottest battle in Disney Resort is waged at obtaining FASTPASS...

Forget about the congestion. Enjoy it in a festive mood.


photo credit: ClRyu via photopin cc

October is congested with “Disney’s Halloween” one of the most popular events.
The average waiting times of TDL popular attractions are beyond the milestone of 100 minutes. Certainly October is congested. Yet it is very attractive that you will be released from heat and can enjoy the Park in pleasant cool air temperature. There are many guests to visit the Park in costumes. So you can enjoy the Park in a festive mood.


Weather averages from the last 30 years for the Disney resort Oct.2015

  • Weather averages are based on the weather data for the last 30 years.
  • It is advised that visitors check the weekly weather forecast before their visit to the park.
  • The average temperature was calculated using temperatures over the last 4 years in Urayasu City, Chiba
  • Weather is not factored into wait time forecasts.
DayDatePark operating hoursWait TimesToy Story Mania!
ThuOct 18:00-22:0068 min105 min
FriOct 28:00-22:0070 min87 min
SatOct 38:00-22:00127 min155 min
SunOct 48:00-22:00119 min168 min
MonOct 58:00-22:00104 min160 min
TueOct 68:00-22:0068 min114 min
WedOct 78:00-22:0066 min113 min
ThuOct 88:00-22:0057 min100 min
FriOct 98:00-22:0052 min94 min
SatOct 108:00-22:00146 min148 min
SunOct 118:00-22:00169 min238 min
MonOct 128:00-22:00206 min266 min
TueOct 138:00-22:00137 min141 min
WedOct 149:00-22:0089 min143 min
ThuOct 159:00-22:00116 min134 min
FriOct 168:00-18:3047 min107 min
SatOct 178:00-22:00117 min180 min
SunOct 188:00-22:00112 min170 min
MonOct 198:00-22:0077 min140 min
TueOct 208:00-22:0058 min132 min
WedOct 219:00-22:0054 min144 min
ThuOct 229:00-22:0054 min110 min
FriOct 238:00-22:0065 min114 min
SatOct 248:00-22:00110 min167 min
SunOct 258:00-22:00115 min180 min
MonOct 268:00-22:00119 min157 min
TueOct 278:00-22:0062 min114 min
WedOct 288:00-22:0061 min114 min
ThuOct 298:00-22:0042 min85 min
FriOct 308:00-22:0062 min160 min
SatOct 318:00-22:0079 min179 min

Temporary Closure of Park Facilities Oct.2015

Tokyo DisneylandAttractionsPeter Pan's Flight1-Jun2/29
Tokyo DisneylandRestaurantsLucky Nugget Cafe1-Sep12/31
Tokyo DisneylandAttractionsOmnibus7-Sep10/31
Tokyo DisneylandAttractionsWestern River Railroad28-Sep12/18
Tokyo DisneySeaAttractionsAquatopia24-Sep12/27
Tokyo DisneySeaAttractionsRaging Spirits28-Sep11/16

Admission limit at Tokyo Disney Resort Oct.2015

It will be better to prepare, thinking that there will be admission limits on Saturdays and Sundays in October.

Tokyo Disneyland1st SundayOct-72012
Tokyo DisneySea1st SundayOct-72012
Tokyo Disneyland2nd SaturdayOct-82011
Tokyo DisneySea2nd SaturdayOct-82011
Tokyo Disneyland2nd SundayOct-92011
Tokyo DisneySea2nd SundayOct-92011
Tokyo Disneyland2nd SaturdayOct-112014
Tokyo DisneySea2nd SaturdayOct-112014
Tokyo Disneyland2nd SaturdayOct-122013
Tokyo Disneyland2nd SundayOct-122014
Tokyo DisneySea2nd SundayOct-122014
Tokyo Disneyland2nd SundayOct-132013
Tokyo DisneySea2nd SundayOct-132013
Tokyo Disneyland2nd MondayOct-142013
Tokyo DisneySea2nd MondayOct-142013
Tokyo Disneyland3rd SaturdayOct-182014
Tokyo Disneyland3rd SaturdayOct-192013
Tokyo DisneySea3rd SaturdayOct-192013
Tokyo Disneyland3rd SundayOct-192014
Tokyo DisneySea3rd SundayOct-192014
Tokyo Disneyland4th SaturdayOct-232010
Tokyo DisneySea4th SaturdayOct-232010
Tokyo Disneyland4th SundayOct-242010
Tokyo Disneyland4th SaturdayOct-252014
Tokyo DisneySea4th SaturdayOct-252014
Tokyo Disneyland4th SundayOct-262014
Tokyo Disneyland4th SaturdayOct-272012
Tokyo DisneySea4th SaturdayOct-272012
Tokyo Disneyland4th SundayOct-272013
Tokyo DisneySea4th SundayOct-272013
Tokyo Disneyland4th MondayOct-282013
Tokyo Disney Resort sometimes has “admission limit” for the securi...

Disney Character with Oct. Birthdays

Disney Character with Oct. Birthdays


Born on October 23, 1941, male. His profession is a circus star. As he did not emit any voice in the theater work, there is no voice actor in the starring. It is a rare work and characters.