Wait Time and Strategy for FASTPASS of Toy Story Mania!


The hottest battle in Disney Resort is waged at obtaining FASTPASS of “Toy Story Mania!” The ticketing is sold out within 30 minutes from opening of the park.

So the key is “How to stand in a line at the front before the opening of the park.”

photo credit: Nukamari via photopin cc


① Stand in a line and obtain FASTPASS.

It is exactly a heated race. You will lose if you miss only “1 step.”
The reference is as following:
On a congested day: “3 hours before opening the park = front line” “2 and 1/2 hours before opening the park = top group” “2 hours before opening the park = medium group (caution).”
On a quiet day: “2 and 1/2 hours before opening the park = front line” “2 hours before opening the park = top group” “1 and 1/2 hour before opening the park = medium group (caution).”

The key of victory or defeat is whether you can stand in a line between an entrance gate and a ticket booth.The best position to stand in is the South Gate on the left.


② Staying at a Disney Hotel


Exclusive for the guests staying at Disney Ambassador Hotel, Tokyo Disneyland Hotel, and Tokyo DisneySea Hotel MiraCosta! Use “Happy 15 Entry” and enter the park 15 minutes before the opening gate.


③ Use Tokyo Disney Resort Vacation Package

“Tokyo Disney Resort Vacation Package” is the official package plan with various privileges, such as hotel, ticket, FASTPASS without specified time, show ticket, and more. Various plans are prepared in accordance with seasons, staying hotel, and events being held.

※ There are plans with which FASTPASS cannot be used for Toy Story Mania!

④ Standing in line in PM. Things not to do.


Tokyo DisneySea Toy Story Mania Cast Member by Tom Bricker

First of all, the worst mistake is to fail obtaining FASTPASS and standing in a stand-by line as it is.
The peak of Toy Story Mania! is in AM, especially earliest in morning.
As soon as you lost obtaining FASTPASS, switch your destination to other attractions.

The wait time becomes shorter little by little from PM, but does not shorten tremendously even close to closing time. Start standing in line by evening at the latest.
※ Many people give up standing in line due to fatigue and satisfaction by the time, even though they were planning after evening.